Heavy Plates Division

The product range includes all the structural steel plates from 2 mm to 600 mm thickness; high yield quality steels
can be supplied from 3 mm to 120 mm thickness and        anti-abrasion steels from 4 mm to 120 mm thickness.

(EXC 3)

Centro di Trasformazione
D.M. 14/01/2008

Heavy plates with
S235 JR/J0/ J2 – S275 JR/J0/J2 and S355 JR/J0/J2 (EN 10025)
with inspection documents according to EN 10204

St 52.3 quality slabs with type 2.2 certification (EN 10204)

Class S500-S700-S900-S960 high quality, high yield point steels

Class 400HB-450HB-500HB-600HB anti-wear steels

DIMENSIONS: up to 3,000 x 12,000 mm

THICKNESS RANGE: from 2 to 600 mm

ON REQUEST SERVICES: sandblasting, ultrasonic tests,
mechanical (thickness tensile test and SEP)
and chemical tests in in-house laboratory,
liquid penetrant inspections and magnetoscopic tests,
tests by external bodies.

Press-Bending up to 17 m

Oxycutting up to 600 mm

Plasma cutting up to 40 mm

Laser cutting up to 20 mm

Sandblasting up to 3,000 x 16,000 mm

Straightening up to thickness 300 mm

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Heavy Plates Division

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