Declaration of Performance (DOP)

DoP issued by the supplying steell mills

When a construction product is covered by a harmonised standard or conforms to a European technical assessment which has been issued for it, the manufacturer shall draw up a declaration of performance (DoP) when such a product is placed on the market. (from art. 4 of the CPR).

The DoP shall express the performance of construction products in relation to the essential characteristics of those products in accordance with the relevant harmonised technical specifications. ( from art . 6 of the CPR ).

EU Delegated Regulation no. 157/2014 provides that: “the Declaration of Performance may be accessed by the recipients of construction products free of charge. The recipients of construction products shall be provided with instructions on how to access the website and the Declarations of Performance drawn up for such products available on that website”.

For the purposes of facilitating its Customers in consulting Declarations of Performance and obtaining the documents provided for by the new CPR regulation, Gabrielli has made available the DOPs published in the websites of the mills from which it procures steel.

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