Divisione Lunghi - Galliera Veneta


The in-house laboratory, provided with complete modern equipment for mechanical and chemical analyses, employs highly qualified personnel and is able to carry out accurate tests at every stage of processing of the material.

The Gabrielli S.p.A. in-house laboratory can carry out:

Mechanical analyses

tensile analyses in room temperature with equipment of 100, 150, 250 (completley robotized) and 300 KN – Hardness – Impact test up to a temperature of -60° C – Bending up to 0T.

Chemical analyses

with spark optical emission spectrometry (quantometers), detecting 15 base elements.

Metallographical analyses

grain size analyses, inclusions analyses, metallurgical defects analyses.

Surface analyses

roughness – coating thickness – coating hardness.

Corrosion tests

salt spray test.

Resistance analyses to accelerated ageing

resistence to Xenon-arc lamps (Xeno test) – resistence to fluorescent UV lamps (QuV test).


deep analyses can be carried out using a SEM electron microscope on breaks, metallurgical defects, inclusions, surfaces, in addition to normal research techniques, hence offering avantgarde service to all customers.