Divisione Lunghi - Galliera Veneta


Gabrielli S.p.A. processes and markets steel sheets obtained from hot rolled coils and heavy plates as well as long steel products, with the most scrupulous attention to safety in the workplace and respect for the environment.

The steel products storage capacity can reach 130,000 tonnes coming from the main national and international steel works, with different qualities and for several uses: industrial vehicles to earth moving vehicles and all fields of the automotive sector, from containers, railway wagons and carriages to shipbuilding, from lifting devices to industrial equipment, from large lighting technology and energy conveying structures to agricultural machinery, from construction applications (concrete formworks, scaffolding manufacturers) to large infrastructure works (steel elements for road or railway bridges and viaducts).

An extremely wide range of processes: cutting to measure, blanking, slitting of coils into strips, oxycutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, flattening, press-bending and sandblasting, boring and preprocessing of beams.

Today with its three Divisions, namely: Coils Division, Heavy Plates Division and Long Products Division, Gabrielli S.p.A. has reached a strong volume capacity of about 500,000 tons per year.